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Advanced Handgun Course

From: $250.00

The Advanced Handgun Course builds off the Basic course of instruction, actually putting theory into practice. This course will teach the student how to use their handgun in real world situations while applying learned advanced skills and mindset.

From: $20.00

Ladies Night is EVERY Sunday from 4:00 PM until 7:00.Costs include classroom instruction everything from firearm rental to one on one instruction with with a member of our training staff.Call our store at (412) 319-7835 or message the Iron City Armory Facebook page for further details or any questions you may have.


Basic Pistol Course

From: $125.00

The Basic Pistol course can be as short as four hours. In it students will receive lessons in safety, gun handling, the various types of pistols, the fundamentals of pistol marksmanship, various pistol firing positions, several practical exercises on the firing range.


Defensive Pistol Course


This course is designed to teach shooters defensive skills necessary to defend yourself with a pistol. Students will familiarize themselves with drawing and shooting from their preferred carry method (Open or Concealed), reloading, clearing malfunctions, moving and shooting, close quarters shooting techniques and engaging multiple targets.


The Iron City Armory Intermediate Pistol Course is designed for shooters who are ready to take the next step in handgun fundamentals and prepare themselves for defensive situations either at home or in public.


The basic tactical rifle course is designed to introduce shooters into engaging threats in close quarter scenarios (5-50 yards). Students in this course will be taught proper stance, weapons presentation, and basic movement drills.

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