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$35.00 / a month with a 30-day free trial with a one time $150.00 initiation fee

Purchase the Iron City Armory Annual Family range Membership for our Range located in Bridgeville Pennsylvania.

$30.00 / a month with a 30-day free trial with a one time $100.00 initiation fee

Purchase the Iron City Armory Annual Individual Range Membership for our indoor Range Located in Bridgeville Pennsylvania.

$45.00 / a month for 12 a months with a 30-day free trial with a one time $500.00 initiation fee

Purchase the Iron City Armory Annual Family Rifle/Pistol Membership for our indoor and outdoor Ranges. Located in Bridgeville and Bulger Pennsylvania.



The Iron City Armory Intermediate Pistol Course is designed for shooters who are ready to take the next step in handgun fundamentals and prepare themselves for defensive situations either at home or in public.


Defensive Pistol Course


This course is designed to teach shooters defensive skills necessary to defend yourself with a pistol. Students will familiarize themselves with drawing and shooting from their preferred carry method (Open or Concealed), reloading, clearing malfunctions, moving and shooting, close quarters shooting techniques and engaging multiple targets.

From: $20.00

Ladies Night is EVERY Sunday from 4:00 PM until 7:00.Costs include classroom instruction everything from firearm rental to one on one instruction with with a member of our training staff.Call our store at (412) 319-7835 or message the Iron City Armory Facebook page for further details or any questions you may have.


The basic tactical rifle course is designed to introduce shooters into engaging threats in close quarter scenarios (5-50 yards). Students in this course will be taught proper stance, weapons presentation, and basic movement drills.

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CPX-2 Without Manual Safety 9mm Caliber 3.1 Inch Barrel Natural Satin Stainless Steel Slide Finish Pink Frame 10 Round


Buck Mark Plus UDX .22 Long Rifle 5.5 Inch Slabside Barrel Matte Blue Finish Brown Laminated Grips 10 Round California Compliant

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$571.34 $539.00

Gen4 Glock 19 9mm 4 Inch Barrel Tenifer Finish Fixed Sights 15 Round

Out of stock

XDG Mod.2 Sub-Compact .45 ACP 3.3 Inch Barrel Black Two 9 Round Magazines


Model 340PD Air Lite .357 Magnum/.38 Special+P 1.875 Inch Barrel Matte Black Finish 5 Round Synthetic Grip Internal Lock Hi-Viz Sights


Aero Survival Pistol 9mm 8 Inch Barrel Tiger Green 15 Round


Pug .22 Magnum 1 Inch Ported Barrel Matte Finish White Dot Sights 5 Round

Out of stock

P2000SK V2 LEM DAO With Night Sights .40 Smith & Wesson 3.26 Inch Barrel LEM Trigger DOA Black 9 Round

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$528.94 $499.00

Gen3 Glock 23 .40 Smith & Wesson 4.02 Inch Barrel Black Finish Fixed Sights 10 Round Made in the USA


Thunder Concealed Carry .380 ACP 3.2 Inch Barrel Matte Finish 8 Round

Out of stock

M&P9 M2.0 Compact Striker Fire 9mm 4 Inch Barrel Black Armornite Finish White Dot Sights Polymer Frame/Grips Ambidextrous Safety 15 Round

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Mag Pug On Duty .357 Magnum 2.2 Inch Ported Barrel Stainless Steel Finish Fixed Sights 5 Round



Grip Module Assembly P320/P250 Sub-Compact 9mm/.40/.357SIG Small Black


Two Stage Match Grade AK Flat Trigger 2 Pound Set - 2 Pound Release


Wood Grip Panel Colt Government 1911 Reproduction Models Walnut


AR-15 Bolt Rehab Kit


Lower Parts Kit


Piston Ti-Rant M16x1 RH TPI Clamshell Package

Out of stock

Pistol Magazine for .45 ACP 7 Round Blue


Azoom Snap Cap .22 Hornet 2 Pack


Magazine for 1911 Officer with Plastic Removable Buttplate and Follower .45 ACP 7 Round Nickel


Ruger Pro Series Range Bag 13x10x9 Inches Black

Out of stock

Gen3 T-Series One-Piece Free Float Handguard 7.25 Inch Carbine Black


TLR-8 Rail Mounted Tactical Light With Red Laser Black

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